Your looking for that ultimate project to secure your Motorized Garage Door because someone at your resident keeps leaving it open. Well that project is finally here. Yes it does come in the form of a kit.

Once completed and the software downloaded from this website into either the BS2 or BS2e Micro-Controller you will see the Main Menu. On initial start up default values are loaded into the MC. From here using either the UP or DOWN button you can change the menu option and then press the SELECT button to choose that option. Here is were you can set the Clock, Delay close time (10 to 90 min.), Alarm Window Time (start - stop hour), etc.

See more details @ the Resource-Link.

Once you've changed the clock to your local time and set the other default values to your desired values. The Garage Door Valet unit will monitor your Garage Door and if it's within the set start and stop close hours, the GDV will close the Garage Door after the set delay time. If necessary the GDV unit will make up to 3 attempts to ensure proper closure.

If you already have or want to get your own components, you can purchase only the custom PCB's w/cable. Either way a complete listing (BOM) is available along with assembly instructions and demo code from the Resource-Link. Once you down load the code you can program as many of the (MC) as you have. This would be perfect for those who have extra BS2's.
Wire for connecting the GDV-Controller to the Garage Door Motor and Magnetic Switch will need to be purchased separately (location provided). The Enclosure for this project has been updated to a MakerBot 3D Printer file and is FREE to Download from the "Resource Link". The Template to do your own cutout is still available for Download also.

Also, the Switch Board was designed by LittleHM, LLC and later redesigned to be compatible with the 5 position demo switch. The Switch Board uses a standard mass terminated 2 x 5 connection for communication and should be designed into your current or next project.
Quick Over Site:
Few sample shots of completed PCB's or units in Enclosures.
The Demo Code clearly shows how to setup a more user friendly interface for making value changes using your input switches. The DS1302 RTC is the standard chip for Date and Time keeping. Also the Parallax 2 x 16 Backlit LCD Screen code will show a time out routine for the Backlight and the Enhanced Firmware has a more user friendly routines for customer interaction. Enhanced Source Demo Code soon to follow. The Enhanced Object Code/ Firmware is now available for "FREE" download from this site or can be purchased at a per chip minimum charge with the customer supplied BS2E chip(s).

See "The Minimum" Link from the "Quick Over Site" drop down above for more details.
LCD 2 x 16 Screen
GDV Controller
GDV Switch Board
Magnetic Reed Sw.
GDV SB Cable
LCD Display Cable




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