UPDATE: "REV.C" version and later has been enhanced with better Silk Screen markings and front and back Copper Pour. Also, D1 (zener diode) and a in-line input power Resistor will be supplied.

GD Valet Controller is a 2 sided, 3 x 4 inch thru hole PCB. The mounting holes on each corner should match the BOE from Parallax Inc. The boards layout will support a Super Cap.(SC) (trickle charge) from a DS1302 Chip as a backup power source should the main power fail or be removed. The current GDV Application's do NOT support the (SC) but the Demo Code has commands in place that you can modify for your own use.

NOTE: You want to maintain 7 - 12 Vdc @ 500mA for nominal operation. Then you will only need to add a shorting wire at the input resistor location. Other wise, the input resistance will need to be increased as not to burn out the Zenor Diode.
About the PCB Design and Photos.
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This Security / Educational kit is for any resident with a Motorized Garage Door. When completed and connected, it can be set to automatically close a standard single home Garage Door as though you were there pushing the button. With the Micro-Controller, clock chip, other components and the free downloadable program, you will be able to set / change the monitoring "Start - Stop" hours or put in a 24 hour continuous monitoring mode.
These are just a few of the features.

Full Assembly / Operational details are downloadable from the Resources Link.





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