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LittleHM,LLC. was formed in Mid. 2010 after its founder noticed in different neighborhoods that this product would be a invaluable security asset to any home with or without a motorized Garage Door. From his home/office in Central Texas, he designed, developed, programmed, and installed the first Prototype unit for his own family home. Not knowing at the time of development if there were other like products in the market, his first prototype turned out to be far more versatile and programmable than any product found via the Web search at that time. This unit has proven to be an invaluable piece of home security equipment. This unit was more advanced, smarter, and programmable then other units found on the Web. The concept and design from the start was to make sure that it could be programmed to close the Garage Door between certain hours of the day or put in a continuous 24 hour monitoring mode. All changes are made from the user interface, no separate computer connection needed.

Even though an originating patent could not be granted, development never stopped. Improvement on the hardware and software interface continued. The original product has been greatly improved and expanded while taking advantage of all the software enhancements. We've since been informed that the latest version is patentable.
This Security / Educational kit is for any resident with a Motorized Garage Door. When completed and connected, it can be set to automatically close a standard single home Garage Door as though you were there pushing the button. With the Micro-Controller, clock chip, other components and the free downloadable program, you will be able to set / change the monitoring "Start - Stop" hours or put in a 24 hour continuous monitoring mode.
These are just a few of the features.

Full Assembly / Operational details are downloadable from the Resources Link.


Please Note: LittleHM, LLC is an Internet/mail-order based business, and we do not have a public storefront.


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